Base Camp Tenting

green tent at wheaton labs
tent pad at wheaton labs base camp
Tent pad at wheaton labs base camp

Base camp is easy drive in access for car camping, pitching a tent on one of our tent pads, or finding a secluded spot on one of the plateau meadows, in the trees, or up on the hollowed out volcano with good submarine access. Volcano road is a rough, rocky one-lane road that snakes up the 500-foot rise of the rocky hillsides of base camp and around to the back of the volcano's peak.

RV, trailer, and car parking is at the base of hilly base camp, in the sandy parking lot behind our shop that we call Arrakis, or in our small turtle parking lot. We do not provide RV hookups at this time. Arrakis and the turtle lot do not have much shade, though we are attempting to grow trees (from seed!) to change that.


  • Guests: 20
  • Amenities: tent pad, full access to full bathroom at Fisher Price House, library, workshops. View of the mountains
  • Location: Base Camp at Wheaton Labs

Prices for The Red Cabin:

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2 Days


1 Week


2 Weeks


1 Month


For availability, email


For availability, email

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