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Wheaton Labs has a number of permaculture events and experiences available to learn permaculture skills and technology. Learn to homestead, become a certified garden master, build earth-saving technologies, get your permaculture design certification, and take over the world with permaculture!

Permaculture design course at Wheaton Labs

Most PDCs are crafted for beginners - and a lot of professionals get bored. Our PDC assumes that the student is desiring a course with a bit more substance and grit. This PDC is designed for scientists, engineers, educators or people with a lot of current knowledge of permaculture.

This is the course to take to give you a firm, in-depth understanding of the science of permaculture. Even if you have a lot of practical experience in various aspects of homesteading already, this PDC will move you past simply thinking in terms of isolated systems and into designing integrated, whole landscapes.

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The Permaculture Technology Jamboree (PTJ) is an event full of:

  • collaboration, experimentation and innovation to move permaculture technology forward
  • experiences for people new to permaculture technology
  • building homesteading skills

There are 10 separate tracks happening simultaneously, and you can switch between tracks at any time. One dy you might work on building a rocket mass heated sauna, the next day make a cob kitchen sink, another day build a earth sheltered greenhouse, and the next day learn natural medicine. The choice is yours!

SKIP Skills to Inherit Property permaculture experience according to Paul wheaton PEP

SKIP is a hands-on curriculum of experiences you can complete to prove you can do permaculture.  While a PDC  teaches you how to do permaculture design and analysis, SKIP is about learning the practical skills.  You are making things.

When you complete several things, you earn a badge.  Sixteen badges will make you PEP1 certified.  After several years of progress, you can be PEP3 or PEP4 certified.  At that point you are basically self-sufficient and can prove it.  Many older homesteaders don't want their property to turn into a strip mall or subdivision.  This program will connect qualified candidates with those landowners so you can skip the rat race and skip the debt.

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Most Master Garden courses offered by state universities include large sections about pesticide use and safety and non-organic approaches to gardening. Not so with this course!

With the Certified Garden Master course, you will learn organic, veganic, no-till, and permaculture gardening knowledge and skills. This course will focus on soil and habitat-building for beneficial organisms and systems thinking for gardeners and farmers: how to manage relationships rather than just crops.

Our goal is to understand ecological functions and interactions within plant, soil, microorganism, and insect communities. You will learn how to identify and manage all the relationships that make up a healthy farm-garden-ecosystem--one that does not require pesticides or large off-farm fertilizer inputs.

Rocket mass heater Jamboree at wheaton labs people learning woodfired technology

Whether you are an experienced builder, or new to wood-powered rocket technology, there is something for you at the Rocket Mass Heater Innovators Event! Rocket stoves and rocket mass heaters (RMHs) are a low-emission, efficient way to harness the power of sustainable wood for fuel. The term "rocket" comes from the sound that the wood makes as it burns--there are no actual rockets involved!

At the RMH Jamboree, the basics of rocket technology will be taught, while multiple innovations will be made, such as a tiny house rocket mass heaters, a rock kiln, rocket forge, solar food dehydrator with rocket booster, rocket oven, rocket sauna, and a whole lot more!

Mad Scientists:

Paul Wheaton

Lead Mad Scientist

Paul Wheaton, The Duke of Permaculture, is an author, producer, and certified advanced master gardener. He has created hundreds of youtube videos, hundreds of podcasts, multiple DVDs, and written dozens of articles and a book. As the lead mad scientist at Wheaton Labs, he's conducted experiments resulting in rocket stoves and ovens, massive earthworks, solar dehydrators and much more. 

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Lara Bigotti

Event Coordinator

Lara became interested in Permaculture while living and teaching English in Japan. She worked on an organic vegetable farm in her hometown for two years after returning to the U.S., and then fulfilled her longtime dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. After participating in Wheaton Labs Bootcamp in September 2020, she returned to Missoula in February 2021 to take on the role of Event Coordinator and Rental Manager for Wheaton Labs. She is excited to learn more about gardening, natural medicine, photography & videography, and building.

Lara Bigotti

Fred Tyler

Leader of Bootcamp

Fred has led the Bootcamp at Wheaton Labs for three years now. He's directed and taught skills ranging from organic gardening to woodworking to natural building. He is the coordinator of roundwood timberframe projects and food growing systems.

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