2024 SKIP:

Skills to Inherit Property

About SKIP:

SKIP is a curriculum of experiences you can complete to prove you can do permaculture.  While a PDC  teaches you how to do permaculture design and analysis, SKIP is hands-on.  You are making things.

When you complete several things, you earn a badge.  Sixteen badges will make you PEP1 certified.  After several years of progress, you can be PEP3 or PEP4 certified.  At that point you are basically self-sufficient and can prove it.  Many older homesteaders don't want their property to turn into a strip mall or subdivision.  This program will connect qualified candidates with those landowners so you can skip the rat race and skip the debt.

Feel of the Event:

In this program, you will gain and demonstrate new skills.  It isn't about training, classroom time or lengthy discussion.  It's about pounding out actual projects.  This event will be heavily focused on giving attendees the ability to complete badges.  It's our third event like this. 

There will be a guide/facilitator for all the planned work.  The attendees will be focused on a given task for each time slot.  If they complete it quickly, there is time to complete additional badges.  If they want to take their time, that is fine, but they may not complete as many badges during the event.

Daily Schedule

This is the rough schedule. There are currently two tracks to choose from. 

Day 0 (July 14th, the day before the event starts):

Arrival and Getting Settled In 

Arrival: Airport pickups - 10am to 5pm. Arrival by car: 1pm to 5pm. Register and settled in.  Please plan to arrive within this window of time.  5pm Dinner and Orientation
Sleep: Try to get plenty of rest. We start early and you have a full day jam-packed with information tomorrow.

Day 1-3: 

Track 1 - Gardening & Roundwood

hugels, 3 scoops with an excavator, mallets and coat hooks, chop and drop, dry peg project, 3 log bench, harvest junkpoles

Track 2 - Homesteading, Toolcare & Earthworks

sharpen knive/hatchet/chainsaw/shovel, seal a tiny pond, rockjack, back up a trailer, move dirt with a tractor, eliminate pot hole, improve or add a path to hugel/berm

On Wednesday evening there will be a presentation on Sheep to Clothing

Day 4-5

Track 1 - Roundwood & Woodland

3 log bench, build junkpole fence, berm scaffold, finish stuff and make shakes

Track 2 - Natural Building & Earthworks

create 12 adobe bricks 12x6x3, dry stack wall, low grade cob - fill between logs in a wofati - 20 feet

On Friday evening there will be a presentation on cutting down trees.

Day 6 & 7: On Your Own!

You can work on BBs by yourself or just enjoy the great outdoors!

Day 8 & 9

Track 1 - Dimensional Woodworking & Woodland & Metalworking

cut live tree and limb, wood burned sign, peeling trees, 2 swanson projects (4 options)

Track 2 - Food Prep & Foraging

Intro to Food Prep (rice 2 ways, eggs, dehydrator), canning, make seed balls, make a pillow, foraging

Day 10 & 11

BB badge metalworking sand

Track 1 - Woodland & Metalworking

cut dead tree, limb, maybe buck, kindling cracker, buck/split/stack

Track 2 - Tool Care, Natural Building & Textiles

pillow, make a wedge-style handle, twine, white wash or level a skiddable structure

Day 12

BB badge metalworking sand

Track 1 - Metalworking

kindling cracker, rmh scoop

Track 2 - Textiles

patch & dam, basket at the river

Badge Math:

The planned/supervised activities during the event should earn the majority of 9 badges.  Pre-work and spare time activities will complete those badges.  Exceptional attendees could earn up to 5 more badges in their spare time.

The SKIP Track during the Jamboree that precedes this event is aimed at completing 8 more badges.  By attending both events you have the distinct possibility of achieving PEP1 certification.

Daily Schedule:

7:00am – breakfast
8:00am – summary of the day
8:30am – session 1
10:00am – session 2
noon – lunch
1:00pm – session 3
3:00pm – session 4
5:00pm – cleanup
6:00pm – dinner
7:00pm – evening presentations
9:30pm to 6:00am – quiet time


Mike Haasl


Mike Haasl is a mechanical engineer, woodworker, blacksmith, and permaculture homesteader in northern Wisconsin.  He constructed a sweet greenhouse, builds with pallets and upcycled material, and experiments with compost heat.  He is developing a demonstration site for permaculture homesteading, and is collaborating to create the SKIP program.

Paul Wheaton


Paul wheaton in snow

Paul Wheaton, The Duke of Permaculture, is an author, producer, and certified advanced master gardener. He has created hundreds of youtube videos, hundreds of podcasts, multiple DVDs, and written dozens of articles and a book. As the lead mad scientist at Wheaton Labs, he's conducted experiments resulting in rocket stoves and ovens, massive earthworks, solar dehydrators and much more. 

better world book, paul wheaton ted talk, rocket stove and oven DVDs, permaculture cards, World Domination Gardening

Opalyn Rose


Opalyn Rose has been exploring a truly raw-material life while stewarding land and community in south-central Washington. Opalyn tends the sheep and the forest, transforming a fleece or a tree into not only yarn and lumber but clothing and snowmen too.  She brings her love of that transformation to the classroom sharing her skills while helping you develop yours.


Note: 80% refund up to two weeks before the event starts. If you are not comfortable with being recorded, please do not attend. Tobacco/drug/vape free campus.

SKIP: Skills to Inherit Property

July 15th - 26th, 2024

Paul will provide three simple meals a day at no charge, but food is not included with your ticket.  If you have special dietary needs/desires, you might want to bring your own food and use our rocket cook stoves, ovens, solar ovens and other cooking contraptions.

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