2023 Permaculture Technology Jamboree

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  • Move permaculture technology forward: Collaboration, experimentation and innovation in the field of permaculture!
  • This event provides experiences for people new to permaculture technology
  • To build homesteading skills
  • To gain hands on experience with various technologies
  • Community and conversation with people who are bonkers about permaculture!

Our Jamboree Format:

Attendees can wander throughout the labs to see all of the innovative permaculture projects, and participate or observe as much or as little as they like. The instructors will see a project to completion either with or without help. 

60+ Permaculture Technology projects

Below are some of the proposed projects for 2023! 

Rocket Mass Heaters Banner


  • Build a Rocket Oven for an Outdoor Kitchen
  • Build a Rocket that Generates Electricity


  • Make Window Quilts
  • Weave a Sun-Shade from Natural Fibers
  • Sew and Stuff a Straw Tick Mattress
  • Weaving a Rug or Blanket
  • & More!


  • Preserve a Million Calories
  • Storing food for winter without electricity (6 ways)
  • Stock root cellar for 20 people for the year
  • Make Pottery from Clay Harvest on Site
  • Build a Hugel and Plant it
solar cooking, sawmill, natural building


  • Add Permanent Solar to a Tiny House
  • Electric Tractor Hayride Tour
  • Heating Water with the Sun without Needing Winterizing
  • Install a Heliostat
  • Fire up the Solar Glass Recycler
  • & More!

Natural Building:

  • Cob Sinks and Showers 
  • Mycelium Insulation
  • Build a Yurt
  • Slab Trees Freehand with a Chainsaw, and Build a Roundwood Deck
  • Natural Plasters & Paint
  • Sheep Wool Insulation
  • Felted Walls for Insulating a Space


  • Log Picnic Table & Bench Version 2.0
  • Build Log Bunk Beds
  • Build a Skiddable Bodger Shed
  • Build a Roundwood Staircase
  • Build a Three Log Bench
  • & More!


  • Build a Few Hives
  • Build a Swarm Trap
  • Extract Honey
  • Build a Log Beehive Shelter
  • Build a Log Style Beehive
  • & More!


  • Make Seed Balls
  • Plant a Living Fence
  • Foraging
  • Make Twine
  • Make wax Cloths / Lunch Kit / Jar cover
  • Create Public Art
  • & More!

SKIP ( Skills to InheRit Property):

  • A track dedicated to the "Skills to Inherit Property" program
  • Knock out a bunch of BBs with the help of PEP1 certified instructors
  • Basic Birdhouse
  • Wood Burned Signs
  • Make a Kindling Cracker
  • Tool Handle
  • & More!


  • Drystack Moongate
  • Drystack Stairs
  • Drystack Wall to Protect a Fruit Tree
  • Install a Passive Garden Heater
  • Build a Holzer Root Cellar in a Day
  • Build a Natural Swimming Pool

Daily Schedule

7:00am – breakfast
8:00am – summary of the day
8:30am – session 1
10:00am – session 2
noon – lunch
1:00pm – session 3
3:00pm – session 4
5:00pm –
6:00pm – dinner
7:00pm – evening presentations
9:30pm to 6:00am –
quiet time

Arrival: Day Zero (July 2 - the day before the beginning of the event) Register and get settled in.

airport pickups: 10am to 5pm

arrival by car: 1pm to 5pm


Chris McClellan


Uncle Mud (aka Chris McClellan) raises free-range, organic children in the wilds of northeast Ohio. Between building things out of mud and junk he writes for Mother Earth News Magazine and teaches simple DIY skills at workshops and fairs.

Paul Wheaton


Paul wheaton in snow

Paul Wheaton, The Duke of Permaculture, is an author, producer, and certified advanced master gardener. He has created hundreds of youtube videos, hundreds of podcasts, multiple DVDs, and written dozens of articles and a book. As the lead mad scientist at Wheaton Labs, he's conducted experiments resulting in rocket stoves and wood ovens, massive earthworks, solar dehydrators and much more. 

better world book, paul wheaton ted talk, rocket stove and oven DVDs, permaculture cards, World Domination Gardening

James Juczak

James is an author/lecturer on topics such as self-reliance, true sustainability, building off-grid energy systems and mortgage-free housing. He has had numerous articles published; his book "The High Art and Subtle Science of Scrounging, 2nd ed." is currently available and he is presently writing several other books. He has been dubbed "The King of Scrounge". Jim has taught energy, solar certification and electronics as an adjunct professor at three colleges. He has also worked as a Community Energy Educator in 10 northern New York counties. He also brought skills to Kandahar, Afghanistan where he worked as a civilian contractor with the US Army's 10th Mountain Brigade teaching appropriate technologies to the US and Afghan armies as well as the local civilian population. Jim lives with his wife, Krista, in their round, cordwood and papercrete home on the property where they have established an off-grid intentional community. He is an EMT and an adjunct professor at SUNY Jefferson where he teaches the NABCEP Solar Installers course.

Austin Durant



Austin Durant has been playing with his food his whole life, and fermenting it for over ten years. In 2011, he created Fermenters Club with a mission: To improve people’s lives by teaching them why and how to make and enjoy fermented foods; and to create communities that are connected through their guts. He teaches classes (online courses and hands-on workshops) on many fermented food traditions such as sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, miso, as well as seasonal specialties. He writes and shares recipes, videos and other fermentation adventures on his blog, fermentersclub.com. An otherwise permie newbie, Austin tends to his small garden in zone 10a, urban/coastal San Diego, California.

Austin Durant collage of fermenting kimchi kombucha, sourdough, pickles

Opalyn Rose


Opalyn Brenager

Opalyn Rose has been exploring a truly raw-material life while stewarding land and community in south-central Washington. Opalyn tends the sheep and the forest, transforming a fleece or a tree into not only yarn and lumber but clothing and snowmen too.  She brings her love of that transformation to the classroom sharing her skills while helping you develop yours.

opalyn collage of knitting, spinning weaving and other skills

Beau Davidson


Beau is an audio engineer and music producer, and natural building contractor and consultant. Currently Beau resides on his multi-generational family farm in South Central Kansas, where he makes innovative, ecologically-contextualized structures, landscapes, and spaces out of the physical materials at hand. Currently they have an ecological research initiative to tend the borderland between philosophy and practice of resource-stewardship, creativity, and whole-living.

Samantha Lewis


Samantha grew up weaving and doing needle work with her mother and grandmother. After high school she bought 60 acres of Washington forest land and built an off grid homestead. She attended Wilderness Awareness School and taught youth programs there for many years. She apprenticed with educator, author, artist Heidi Bohan, learning baskets and medicinal and traditional uses of plants. She likes to make her own clothes and grow her own food, living the permaculture dream on 5000 acres of Washington prairie land where she raises Finn sheep and other animals.

Mike Haasl


Mike Haasl is a mechanical engineer, woodworker, blacksmith, and permaculture homesteader in northern Wisconsin.  He constructed a sweet greenhouse, builds with pallets and upcycled material, and experiments with compost heat.  He is developing a demonstration site for permaculture homesteading, and is collaborating to create the SKIP program.

Justin Popa


Justin is a metal worker from Michigan with crunchy tendencies.  After spending all his money on a welding engineering degree, he pursued his true passion of historic technology as a museum blacksmith.  For the last 7 years he has shared his love of hot metal with the public while building and repairing items with 18th century hand tools. Always looking to learn more traditional skills, he has worked on cob, strawbale, and thatching projects at the Strawbale Studio in Michigan.

Michael Otten


Michael Otten (Stoic the Dirt Hippy) is a traveling earth builder, sustainable developer and appropriate technologies enthusiast based out of New Mexico. Michael likes to share his work and educate through his Youtube channel "Building With Stoic".

Eliot Mason


Eliot likes tacos

Clint Holmes


Clint likes to watch clouds.

JR Megee



JR has had a successful handyman business for 15 years. He's currently working on a chemical-free remodel project, is a permaculture enthusiast, and a certified Garden Master.  JR is a graduate of Geoff Lawton's online permaculture design course, a frequent visitor to Wheaton Labs, a Boot Camp ringer, and a lifelong learner with a growing desire to teach.

Tim Owen


Tim kills it at the macarena.

Brian Vause


Brian the builder - can he fix it?  Yes he can!

Tim Lanese


Tim builds things naturally.

Alis Yoder


Alis is an artist, bodger and builder of rocket mass heaters.  

Trent Alexander


" There's no place like home, and home is what we make it." Trent finds his home is a sanctuary, where the human experience is synonymous with wildlife. The garden is the point where those two worlds meet.  Trent considers himself a gardener, first and foremost. He also specializes in plant based medicine. Forever a student of the plants, lately Trent finds himself Master-apprentice in Phytoremediation on his own homestead and beyond."

And special guests...

Nicole Sauce

VIP Guest

In 2016, Nicole Sauce founded the Living Free in Tennessee podcast, which blossomed into a strong community of independent individuals who provide mutual support. Often, the community joins forces to jumpstart labor-intensive projects for one another. These shared experiences have served as a foundation for trust and goodwill that permeates the community’s culture. The community of doers spans 50 states and 10 countries, working together to “lift all boats.” Nicole has always been keenly involved in food independence efforts. She founded a coffee roasting company, Holler Roast, starting with a cast-iron skillet and growing to a commercial operation. She also helps people learn hands-on skills such as animal processing, cheese-making, canning, and gardening. Nicole founded the Self Reliance Festival, an event in Camden Tennessee, dedicated to helping people connect, learn important skills, and support each other.


Note: 80% refund for cancellations up to two weeks before the event starts. If you are not comfortable with being recorded, please do not attend.
Tobacco/drug/vape free campus.

Permaculture Technology Jamboree (PTJ)

July 3 - 14, 2023

Regular price tickets will be $1650. Early Bird expires very soon, so claim your spot!

PTJ + Permaculture Design Course 

PTJ:  July 3 - 14, 2023

PDC:  June 17 - July 1, 2023

Regular price tickets will be $3300

PTJ + Skills to Inherit Property

PTJ: July 3 - 14, 2023
July 17 - 28, 2023

Regular price tickets will be $3300

PDC+PTJ+SKIP Events (All 3!)

PDC: June 17 - 1

PTJ: July 3 - 14
July 17 - 28

Regular price tickets will be $4950

Paul will provide three simple meals a day at no charge, but food is not included with your ticket.  If you have special dietary needs/desires, you might want to bring your own food and use our rocket cook stoves, ovens, solar ovens and other cooking contraptions.

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